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Take 45 seconds to learn how much money your small business may be able to receive in government grants and/or loans if you meet the criteria. While no one can guarantee you funding the more you know the better.

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Due to a lack of funding, many entrepreneurial ideas end before they have a chance to truly get started. Facilities, equipment, supplies, inventory, marketing, transportation, websites, employees, training, and countless other factors all contribute to expenses that can hamper a start up or existing small business from reaching its potential. Fortunately, the Canadian government has responded to this need by offering small business financing programs.

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It may be difficult to believe, but the government wants your small business to succeed. By spending its money to help you now, the Canadian government is making an investment in the country’s economic future because you will use the money to create jobs and increase tax revenues. This is why Canadian federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal government agencies provide grants, loans, tax considerations, and more.

Finding these Canadian government grants and loans is not easy, and can take a lot of time and research, so Small Business Grants Canada provides a variety of resources you can access. From articles to help you better understand the general process of making your small business dream a reality, to providing direct information on available funding programs, we are here to help.

Find out how these Canadian small businesses got their funding
$95,018 federal grant and financing gets Johny Tiedown on the road

$95,018 federal grant and financing gets Johny Tiedown on the road

Small business success and innovation can be born from tragedy In the early hours of December 20, 2001, 19 year-old Jonathan Tardiff was driving his car home from Quebec City, where he attended Laval University, to the... <more...>
Candie and Dolls a Winnipeg hit with $15,000 loan

Candie and Dolls a Winnipeg hit with $15,000 loan

Government funding for women helps small business start up When Dolly Woo and Candice Versace decided there wasn't enough selection when it came to clothing stores in Winnipeg, they did two things about it. They'd take regular trips to find more promising hunting grounds, and... <more...>
Regina spa increases profits by 200% with business loan

Regina spa increases profits by 200% with business loan

A need to grow means a need for additional small business financing Beauty has always been a labour of love and passion for entrepreneur and small business owner, Laura Englund. After graduating from the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology in 1995 with an... <more...>
Calgary entrepreneur learns the secrets of successful financing

Calgary entrepreneur learns the secrets of successful financing

Entrepreneur learns mistakes the hard way but government financing means he doesn’t have to dump his idea If Paul Nielsen has a theme song, it might just be, “I Did it My Way". He stuck to his guns on his original... <more...>
$30,000 loan helps retailer expand furniture business

$30,000 loan helps retailer expand furniture business

A competitor’s failure can be a small business opportunity It's no wonder entrepreneurs dread going to the banks when it comes time to expand. Even a solid, successful small business doesn't always have a lot of collateral. In retail, often all you have is inventory, which banks... <more...>